Here at JR Dog Training, we strongly disagree and do not believe in shock therapy and neither should you. The collars are inhumane and do not teach your canine, they punish.  


Shock collar “training” is a serious concern not infrequently animal abuse masquerades as dog training. In Why Shock is Not Behavior Modification (Journal of Veterinary Behavior, 2007), Dr. Karen Overall states, “The use of shock is not treatment for pets with behavioral concerns.”


We will work with you to help you teach your K9 proper training techniques without the shock collars


We will guarantee no shock collars will be used to help train your dog.



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Our Dog Trainer will provide you the training style that does not involve any abusive methods like the shock collar or spiked collars, which will make your pet reach their full potential out of hard work and not that of punishment. 


Learning and understand commands, and the techniques taught by our Master Dog Trainer are Pet Safe and trusted by the satisfied clients we have helped teach over the 36 years of experience 


Spikes are meant to soften up dirt, meat, or keep birds from nesting in an area, they are not meant to be used on animals especially K9's. 


Another method that we strongly disagree with is the use of spiked collars. No animal should be stabbed when you pull on their collar.  They’re no substitute for a positive training style. Too many pet owners employ this tool as a substitute for a more positive type of training. Inflicting pain is an inexpensive approach, but it's often less effective than the basic obedience training that too few dog owners are willing to undertake.


A proper choke collar (non-spiked), with the proper education, is made to help you as a teaching tool. We will guarantee no spiked collars will be used to help train your dog.





Our beliefs at JR Dog Training are simple, if you should leave your dog with a kennel service then it should be with a certified government approved one. One that is clean, up to code and the well-being and safety of your four-legged friend is their priority.   


Although we do not offer this service, we will work with you to help you teach your K9 techniques that will help them integrate and play well with other dogs so a certified kennel or a dog sitter would be an option during your business trip or vacation away.  

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