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Useful Tips to Choose the Right Dog for You

Updated: May 16, 2023

Bringing a new dog into your home is a life-altering decision, and you need to be sure that you are ready for this step. If you are certain that the time is right, there are some crucial factors that you need to consider, and the following guide will help you determine which type of dog is right for you:

1. Size.

Size is a critical factor in determining whether you want a small lap dog or a large breed. If you are having trouble deciding, a medium-sized dog may be best. It’s important to remember that smaller dogs are delicate and more sensitive to colder temperatures, and because of their smaller size, they will need more frequent meals and potty breaks, meaning they would be more high maintenance. Larger dogs will need more space to move around, and they will also cost more because the larger the dog, the more expensive their food, supplies, and medical treatments will be.

2. Activity level.

Some breeds will have more energy than others, so you have to be aware of this aspect to determine whether or not you can commit to more than two casual walks per day. If you cannot, a lower energy dog would be best. Every type of dog will require exercise regardless of its size or breed; you just have to determine how much you can commit. Ultimately, your dog should be a good fit with your lifestyle and habits for optimal health and happiness.

3. Physical maintenance.

All dogs require basic grooming, although certain types will need more, and this will depend on the type of hair coat they have. Dogs with fast-growing fur require advanced routine grooming. On the other hand, short-haired and smooth-coated dogs are shedders, so you need to be ready for extra cleaning. Smaller breeds are prone to dental disease, and certain types of dogs will drool quite a bit, so you need to be aware of these aspects to decide whether or not you can keep up with their maintenance needs.

4. Age.

Puppies are great, but you can also consider adult dogs. Puppies will need a lot of training and attention, so you will have to dedicate time to raising and training your new puppy and will need patience. Adult dogs will provide you with a better idea of their actual energy levels, temperament, and attitude, although they may still require training.

5. Breed.

Purebred dogs are popular, and many people gravitate towards a specific dog breed because of its looks, behavior, or the fact that they grew up around that breed. However, it is imperative that you research to determine which breed would suit your family's routines and lifestyle. Consider any potential challenges with temperament, grooming needs, daily physical activity required, and any health problems you may encounter. Mixed breeds are also great, so you have to take your time when researching this aspect.

Training is a must for every type of dog, and the experts at JR Dog Training can help with this aspect. We will help your dog thrive, and our training will ensure they fit in with your lifestyle and family so if you are looking for dog trainers near me in Montreal, contact us today for more information!

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