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Dog Trainer Montreal | JR Dog Training

Effective Techniques

I am a fan of JR for one reason, the results, the tools he gives us as pet owners to train our dogs is in the end, a life saver. The amount of times I am juggling groceries, my kids and the dogs, I have to say the results are proven to work. My dogs are calm, excellent off leash dogs and wonderful family companions. 
His technique with the chain is limited to shock training, it isn't meant to hurt the dog or abuse it in any way (I am a huge animal activist, I wouldn't do anything to harm my babies in any way) Essentially with the pack mentality in mind, a mother to it's pups will use body language to communicate danger. Often (just like spanking with our kids) if a pup strays the mother will not be gentle and nip the pup so it understands BAD IDEA, the pup doesn't need to know why, it just needs to listen for it's own safety.
As soon as my dog got the idea of what the chain was for, we switched over to the commands using sounds like a clap or snap of the fingers. The chain was used to associate wrong doing and shock, never to harm.

If the result of the training is a dog that seems to be afraid then as the dog owner you didn't listen correctly and should be worried. 

JR trains owners, not dogs, the owners need to understand when adopting a dog, it isn't about the dog listening to you, as much as it is you listening to the dog. 

Not a fan of the chain at all, but a proven method that has nothing to do with abuse. 
Any dog lover with enough academic research will know this!


Micky T,Lachine, Quebec​

Let JR Dog Training Montreal help you, your #1 Montreal Dog Trainer, we service in & around the area, specializing in K9 obedience, puppy training & much more..

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