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Dog Trainer Montreal | JR Dog Training

Great Trainer almost a Dog Whisperer


I went to JR for help with my puppy, a little background my dog Juice would pull, chew up everything and would not abide by my rules and commands. I googled Dog Trainers Montreal and went with another company that I will not name and spent 700$ with them for nothing they used a treat reward system which worked for the first 2 weeks then when I stopped giving him treats he went back to the way he was. My Family and I contemplated giving him up, but we decided to give it another chanced as the kids were in love with Juice. 
In comes JR and in the first 10min of being with Juice I saw a change, we have completed the 8 week course with him and I can proudly say that my dog will now stop and sit on a dime without a leash, he's happier and more importantly my family is happier! I should have gone to him first but I am glad that he could help us and correct the mistakes I/we were making!  I cannot thank him enough, he is the best. 


Joe Trentadue,Montreal, Quebec

Let JR Dog Training Montreal help you, your #1 Montreal Dog Trainer, we service in & around the area, specializing in K9 obedience, puppy training & much more..

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