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Dog Trainer Montreal | JR Dog Training

Could not have asked for a better dog trainer

JR has been privately training our two adult bulldogs for the last month and it has been amazing! One of my dogs who we could never get to sit now sits when told to with no hesitation. The other one who was beginning to show signs of aggression towards our two small children is becoming calmer and much more trustworthy. JR is getting their fighting under control (both with each other and the vacuum) and we couldn't be happier. My dogs love all the praise and attention they get from JR during their sessions and are always excited to see him! It is such a relief to have his help and I wish we had contacted him much sooner.

I first met JR 15 years ago when my parents took our family dog to him. The dog had become aggressive and we wouldn't have been able to keep him if we didn't get his behaviour under control. But with JR's help we were able to do just that and I got to spend many years with one of the best dogs ever. Now, all these years later, he's helping my family again. Thank you, JR!


Amanda D,Pierrefonds, Quebec​

Let JR Dog Training Montreal help you, your #1 Montreal Dog Trainer, we service in & around the area, specializing in K9 obedience, puppy training & much more..

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